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Over the past few months, our team has been trying to evaluate the crypto space as it applies to health. At Brio, we believe that this space holds an incredible potential for meaningful impact through the creation of health-focused blockchain infrastructure.

The first report published by Tokenizing Health, The Blockchain BrioView, is an industry chart that analyzes, catalogues & organizes innovation in healthcare. Since its publication, the Tokenizing Health team has conducted numerous briefing calls, gathering first-hand data from over 70 companies in the space.

A full report analyzing the market trends and opportunities will be published in Q3 of this year (2018). If you’re interested in receiving the report, being part of the conversation, or scheduling a call, you can do so here.

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Meet The BrioView

an industry chart that analyzes, catalogues & organizes innovation in healthcare.

We’re proud to publish the first BrioView, the Blockchain BrioView. The Blockchain BrioView monitors & identifies market trends and new opportunities, and offers a simplified, organized view into the world of blockchain technology in health.

A multitude of sources were utilized in producing the Blockchain BrioView.

In September of 2017, Vince Kuraitis started a Google Doc that listed all of the ICO’s of healthcare blockchain companies. In November of the same year, Andy Coravos published an open-source map of projects working on blockchain healthcare-related solutions. And most recently, in April of 2018, Matthew Johnson at HD2i looked at emerging themes of the biomedical blockchain database. While these sources were great tools, they still did not provide a complete, digestible picture of the landscape.

Other sources utilized to compile data include

  • AngelList

  • Becker’s Hospital Review

  • Blockchain Healthcare Review

  • Blockchain in Healthcare Today

  • CBInsights

  • CoinDesk

  • CoinMarketCap 

  • Crunchbase

  • Forbes

  • Github


  • HIT Consultant

  • ICO Alert

  • IEE

  • LinkedIn

  • MedCity News

  • Medium

  • MIT Technology Review

  • Modern Healthcare

  • Pitchbook

  • The Medical Futurist

  • Twitter

We would like to acknowledge the constraints to the BrioView, limiting companies that expand across multiple categories into a single category. This report is our approximation of the public healthcare blockchain space, and is prone to errors and omissions. However, as the goal is to create a resource that simplifies a complex industry, it is important to operate within these limitations.

In our effort to document the space as thoroughly as possible, Briovation invites all public, permissionless healthcare blockchain companies to schedule a briefing for inclusion in the report. You can schedule a call here.

Below are the category definitions:

Dental: Services and solutions specific to dental care and dentistry

Health Education: medical encyclopedia, educational resources targeted at providers

Behavioral Health: promoting well-being by preventing or intervening in mental illness such as depression or anxiety, but also has as an aim preventing or intervening in substance abuse or other addictions

Addiction Recovery: treatment of addiction-related diseases for patients

Genomics: tools / platforms focused on owning, protecting, sharing and re-marketing genomic data

Pharma: pertaining to prescribing, filling, and managing prescriptions

Adherence: Increasing Medication Adherence Through Data Sharing and Patient Incentives.

Academic Research: platforms with functionality intended for academic and scientific research

Diagnostics: analytic tools with the learning capability to augment physician decision making using publicly available data and intelligence

Healthcare Marketplace: a toolkit for building trusted dApps /  economy for the buying and selling of digital health assets and services

Insurance: facilitation of insurance payment via group pay /  peer-to- peer insurance

Personalized Medicine: uses  data to make personalized recommendations, customize health tips and improve patient health outcomes

Fitness & Wellness: Incentives healthy fitness and wellness behaviors through reward systems. Integrates with various fitness devices (ie: wearables) to aggregate performance data.

Person Health Data Management: integrates wearable data with personal health records for in a holistic health data platform, usually using AI and/or machine learning to make recommendations in health management.

IoT Security: safeguarding connected devices and networks in the Internet of things (IoT)

Clinical Research: Pertaining to the acceleration and development of new medical insights through public health research, preventative treatments, vaccines, drug development, etc.

Organizational Efficiency: streamline complicated workflows by cutting out unnecessary processes

Supply Chain: data integrity and validation for supply chains products and processes

Credentialing: Tracks, validates or coordinates medical provider credentialing with necessary parties

Claims Management: streamlines claim rates, minimizes revenue leakage, and increases efficiency

Quality of Care: healthcare services that  increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes

Value Based Care: incentives providers with outcome-based rewards to  drive value improvement, incentivize innovation or reduce risks of misdiagnosis

EHR/EMR: Platforms focused on consolidating EHR/EMR data, and providing EHR/EMR interoperability to enable providers’ care abilities

Care Coordination: Platforms used to increase and streamline diagnoses and care communication between patients, providers, payers and systems

Telemedicine: Creating a virtual care network platform for delivering care remotely

Patient Engagement: incentivizes participation in health outcomes primarily utilizing social networks

Blockchain Interoperability: Platforms that enable cross-chain interoperability


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Care Coordination

Clinical Research





Fitness & Wellness


Health Education

Healthcare Marketplace



Organizational Efficiency

P A T I E N T   E N G A G E M E N T

Personal Health Data Management

Personalized Medicine




SimplyVital Health

S U P P L Y   C H A I N   M A N A G E M E N T


Value Based Care