Tokenizing Health

tokenizing health

A Brio initiative


Tokenizing Health is an initiative that aims to support the ecosystem of disruptive innovators in blockchain and health.

We analyze, invest in, and invent public, permissionless blockchains in health.


At Brio, we believe that public and permissionless blockchains are the future state of technology in the healthcare industry.

We believe that blockchains enable peers to transact in a trusted system without the need for a “trusted third party." We are interested in removing waste and utilizing blockchain to enable peers to transact directly with one another to develop an optimized, efficient health system. The most important peers in our view of the health economy are the patient and the provider.

We envision a world where patients as customers, health care providers and the necessary value-adding services around patient / provider interactions, can transact (financially, data, bartering etc.) in a safe, trusted manner without having to rely on third parties.

We believe these public, permissionless blockchains will transform health over the next ten years to be truly decentralized, consumer-centric and efficient.


The Initiative


Briovation unveils The BrioView, an industry chart that analyzes, catalogues & organizes innovation in healthcare. The first BrioView released is the Blockchain BrioView. The Blockchain BrioView monitors & identifies market trends, new opportunities, and offers a simplified, organized view into the realm of blockchain technology in health.

Solaster, Brio’s first public and permissionless blockchain invention, enables the global interoperability of the multiple disparate blockchains in the health ecosystem. Solaster’s single smart contract platform allows developers to build thousands of apps across the blockchain ecosystem to fulfill the promise of a bright future in healthcare on the blockchain.

The Jumpstart family of funds has grown over the last 12 months, as we added Jumpstart Capital to our platform. We now announce that we will manage Jumpstart Token, an investment fund dedicated to investing in the best public, permissionless blockchains in the world, focused on revolutionizing the global health landscape. We intend to invest in tokens, not equity, with Jumpstart Token. And, as always, we will only invest in companies focused on health.


Health:Further will host the “Tokenizing Health Summit” at the Health:Further Festival. On Wednesday, August 29th, at the Music City Center, Health:Further will gather the best and brightest public and permissionless blockchain innovators and investors for a day of thoughtful innovation and discussion about tokenomics, the current landscape, and building an ecosystem that all can thrive within.

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